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Too good not to share

From delectable appetizers to exquisite temptations in the post-dessert candy store, guests are invited to discover sharing plates that stimulate conversation and cultivate connection.


With an immediately accessible quality, IGNIV inspires wonder with culinary artistry and precise synchronicity.

Fine Dining Sharing Menu at IGNIV Bangkok
Fine Dining Sharing Menu

Embark on a journey of the senses where exquisite lunch and dinner experience are composed with the connoisseur in mind and crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, bearing the whimsical signature of its creator, led by head chef David Hartwig, along with his sous chef & pastry chef Arne Riehn.

Candy Store at IGNIV by Andreas Caminada
Candy Store

Indulge in the highlight post-dessert Candy Store and explore the world of indulgence created by Pastry Chef Arne Riehn, who has designed a continuation of the gastronomic journey which continues after the dessert course.

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