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IGNIV Bangkok by Chef Andreas Caminada

The brand IGNIV, Rhaeto-Romanic for a bird's nest, is being expanded - the fourth IGNIV restaurant is coming to you soon this Summer at The St. Regis Bangkok. Ideally suited to Thailand's vibrant capital, IGNIV Bangkok translates Chef Andreas's artful cooking signature into a playful, sharing-style fine dining experience.

IGNIV Bangkok in The St. Regis Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand

The St. Regis Bangkok

The omnipresent love for detail leads to a modern but cozy ambiance for the new IGNIV by Andreas Caminada in Bangkok, Thailand.


With her unique sense of space and luxurious fabrics combined with colorful furniture, acclaimed Spanish interior designer Patricia Urquiola infuses IGNIV's typical nest atmosphere with the energy and essence of Bangkok to create a feeling of comfort for indoor, bar and outdoor areas which beautifully reflects the attributes of the nest character.
IGNIV by Chef Andreas Caminada
IGNIV Bangkok Restaurant


Designed by graphic designer, Remo Caminada also adds a touch of understated refinement. He used the simplest of design elements to create the logo: an oval and straight lines. At first glance it appears to be merely a muddle of lines and only becomes clear when one looks closely.
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